Interviewee FAQ

Common questions from Interviewees

How can I use this to really promote my cause or my business?

This content is made to be ideal for social media sharing, and can be promoted on virtually any network on the planet, by simply clicking a user-friendly button on our site. You can include embedded players on your own site, without actually having to host the media file. You can email a link out to your mailing list, or play it on a speaker at your next event. The content is meant to be evergreen, meaning that it has no expiry date, and will be as meaningful a decade from now as it is today. The content is involving and authentic, and earns real trust from listeners, by revealing a side of you or your organization perhaps not seen before, and with extensive reach. It is ideal for social tourism promotion.

The recordings are all available for download, sharing on social media, etc. from any major podcasting network in the world, on all Android and iPhones, tablets and computers, this site, and various listening outlets. Using already-popular listening channels to connect with our audience, we provide the technical and professional expertise to showcase the culture of our special islands. We offer a unique connection to people and projects related to tourism, food and refreshments, the arts, and cultural adventures from all of the gulf islands.

ICN provides ongoing management for the recording, and we make it easy to share the original link, so you don’t need to upload audio files or do anything technical. this allows us to control how the recording is distributed, and therefore can maintain a high level of quality.

What will this cost me?

Our pricing is not standardized, because these islands have a wide variety of travel requirements, time frames can be combined, etc. Please email us to discuss cost.

Will you interview everyone who asks?

Unfortunately, we can’t. We reserve the right to pick and choose topics and locations based on application and availability. But we already have speculated quite a diverse range of topics, and have been invited to some extreme out of the way places. Let’s discuss it!

Why don’t you use video?

Our creators have done a lot of video podcasting in the past. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, people are nervous with lights and the camera staring at them, and things don’t flow as well, which prevents the interviews from being truly authentic – this authenticity is the real value of what we provide. We’d rather focus on the words, their meaning and impact.

Also, audio-only is much quicker and more reliable to produce, and our production is far more mobile. We can come to you, in your environment, and learn so much more that way. We complement interviews with lots of still photographs, so if something absolutely must be illustrated, we can do that. But it’s a lot easier to manage and faster to post this simple audio-only format, augmented with plenty of still photography. Quite often, the interview is already uploaded and live before we leave your location.

How long will we be talking?

It depends on things like travel and value for time, plus other factors. Generally speaking, listeners drop off at a certain point, so we try to keep it under 30 minutes for all episodes, but if we’re really deep into something valuable, we don’t want to cut that off. And sometimes, all it takes is 10 minutes to involve a listener in your world, or change one person’s thinking.

Do we rehearse?

No. We always send talking points by email in advance, and we can have a little email chat about that. Before we push the red “record” button, we’ll make sure everyone is relaxed and ready, and our Conversationalists might take 5 minutes to briefly go over some of the starting questions or conversation points, so you know what general direction the conversation will take. But the beauty of this is in the spontaneity. If we start to rehearse, we’re actually doing the thing we want to capture, so we find it’s better to just launch into that.

Will you be editing this?

No. These are meant to be spontaneous conversations, so we try to leave them as natural as possible. Editing adds significantly to the time and cost of production, which would defeat the purpose of our mobile and accessible project, and add significantly to your cost

We have some guidelines for interviewees that help make the recording sound quality better and eliminate the need for editing to cover small errors. Please read that article here.

Once it’s up on your website, who can listen to it and where?

All recordings are made 100% public. We try to distribute the recordings as widely as possible. This means that people can subscribe to the feed various ways, like on iTunes and Google Play, and of course on their iPhones, Android phones, both Apple and PC computers, iPads, tablets, and through websites, iPods, etc. You can also post a player link to any particular episode (like the one starring YOU!) on your own website or through any social media outlet. Yes, it will be out there, everywhere!